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Cure of Souls
Spiritual Counseling integrates modern psychological insight with theological resources to address psychospiritual issues that stand in the way of transformation. Cure of Souls in Bhakti is a process in which you are supported to focus on your sincere desire to awaken and realise your full potential. The goal is for you to become self-motivated in Bhakti and competent to pursue the spiritual objective.

Spiritual Counseling is about building your competence to face your unique life situation

We offer a path forward that includes practices custom-designed for our clients according to their unique personality and life context.



The psychological work provides us with a base of knowledge that keeps us continuously alert to egoic self-deception and subtle pitfalls on the path. The spiritual work in turn gives us the strength to move through our challenges and is the source of profound fulfillment and meaning in life.

The insights and breakthroughs gained from one help us to go deeper into the other








I am very demanding and I have high expectations when working with a therapist. I easily see through techniques which don’t bring much change in the long run, even if they sound great and bring short term results. My experience with SoulLab’s mentorship goes above and beyond all my expectations! Each session leaves me inspired and grateful, in deep respect of the thorough understanding and application of psychological priciples, and the depth of spiritual knowledge and realizations, a compassionate yet strong and persistent way of helping me to deal with the patterns that are not serving me well. What I really love is the fact that I’m equiped with practical and easy to handle tools and in that way empowered to set in motion the process of healing myself. Through this work I can perceive subtle shifts in my thinking and acting, the shifts that bring actual change in the way I deal with myself and others. The change that is inspired and nourished by love, compassion, and humility.

Radha Kripa Dasi, May 2017

To make sure there is a promising foundation for our collaboration, the following variables will be considered:
Spiritual Orientation
Having an active faith in God, the spiritual nature of the self, and the spiritual destination, along with a regular spiritual practice.
Being Self-Motivated
The purpose of our pastoral counseling work is to remedy average imbalances and to further growth. Debilitating traumas, chronic depression, panic attacks, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, self-mutilation, chronic anger, strong victim-patterns, and mental disorders belong to the realm of professional therapy.
Being A Good Student
Being actively involved, learning the important concepts, doing the assignments, and being accountable.
An Indepth Approach
You need to have a desire and readiness for thorough and substantial work, and not be superficial or impatient in your approach. There are no quick-fix solutions; once you have invested in the preliminary groundwork of learning the required strategies and tools  — which can take 1-3 months — each major issue you want to address in your life requires a mimimum of 3 months of focused and systematic work to make a tangible change.
Mastery Of English
You need to have a good mastery of english — in speaking, writing and reading. It is essential that we can easily understand each other.

cure of souls employs personality psychology and the science of self-care for breakthrough

The Enneagram

The Enneagram of Personality is a profound map of human nature. This nine-pointed geometric figure maps out nine unique ego structures. It is a sort of GPS of wisdom, a shortcut to understanding what drives people. The Enneagram is a personality type system with an uncanny accuracy in describing how human beings are wired. We all have our own personality style based on our unique psychological makeup, and with that comes a quirky set of interpersonal strengths and weaknesses. The Enneagram is a tool for understanding all these, and gaining insight into why people act out in certain ways under certain circumstances. It helps us understand where we are in our personal development as human beings, the main issues we struggle with, and our direction of growth.

Acquire deep self-awareness and powerful tools of transformation that lead to real and lasting change


Running on empty and turning to “love-substitutes” isn’t natural. And it doesn’t have to be that way. Through the ActiveCare modality you will learn to replenish your emotional health and take loving care of yourself daily in support of your spiritual life. ActiveCare is a spiritually-based therapeutic modality that heals self-abandonment that is the root cause of anxiety, stress, depression, insecurity, low self-esteem, addictions, and relationship problems; it creates profound connections with Self and others, which in turn heals emptiness, loneliness, fear and complacency, unleashing inspiration, insight and joy, and the ability to find the right spiritual answers in every situation.





Contract Policy

Each Contract covers a commitment to a 3-Session Package, where we meet online once a week in succession. Each session lasts for 50min. Appointment days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Session times are mornings @ 10.30-11.20AM or evenings @ 6.30-7.20PM. Our Contracts accommodate the cancellation and rescheduling of one session where need be, within a day’s notice (or the appointment will be forfeited). Upon a subsequent cancellation the Contract is terminated.

Contribution Policy

As a Brahminical ministry Iskcon SoulLab’s counseling resources are offered as an act of service rather than for profit. Therefore we don’t charge a set price for the contracts. Needless to say we still require your support in order to continue this service. As such we gratefully accept contributions shared from the heart and according to one’s means. The average fee for a regular coaching session on the market today is around €60. For our 3-Session Package to be kept affordable we suggest a donation of €108.
so, how does this work?
In our Trial Session we lay the foundation of our work together. We’ll look at where you are and where you want to be. You’ll get an overview of our work, and we run over the practicalities. You will then have a week to decide if it feels right to you. We may then officially launch your exciting journey with us! The session is 30min long and is FREE of charge.

you say hello!

get in touch any way you want – email, website, facebook

we respond (and get excited)

we send you a warm hello and a simple form to fill out

you relax

because your work is in great hands

we launch

we get together for an initial trial session

you smile

as you release pent-up tension and uncertainty

everyone celebrates

a deep relief that the work is finally underway!

In our Trial Session we lay the foundation of our work together. We’ll look at where you are and where you want to be. You’ll get an overview of our work. Finally we’ll run over some practicalities. We’ll then have some days to decide if it feels right. If so, we may then initiate our first 4-Session Package and launch your exciting journey with us! The trial session lasts for about 45min.

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