Mantra Yoga

The premier sacred music event in Stockholm

Try it out; nothing to lose, everything to gain. Best night out, non-toxic and hangover-free. Fun, easy and authentic. At the very least, you will feel a release from stress, anxiety and boredom. At the most, you could be the next fully self-realized, blissful, supercharged, intelligent, authentically and unselfishly powerful person walking the earth!

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Yoga of Sound

Sacred music has been practiced for thousands of years by diverse cultures and is now undergoing a renaissance in the west. Mantra Yoga (also knows as kirtan) is a participatory sacred music experience. More than just music, kirtan is a contemplative practice in the vein of yoga. We approach kirtan as a serious spiritual practice with importance given to a depth of participation in vibrant group gatherings. You don’t have to have a singing voice to participate. Kirtan is not so much a concert as a vehicle for transformation and awakening. No matter our accents, our ability to carry a tune, or our musical aesthetic, when we sing kirtan, we are connecting with a deeper, sacred experience.

Meditation with a bang!

Soulful music meditation is an antidote that promotes community, peace and conscious living. We live in an age of mass distraction. Canned music in every shop, advertising on every available surface, endless streams of emails and texts to our phones. Though we are meant to feel more connected, for many, the opposite is true. Our hope is that Mantra Yoga can be a source of inspiration for both those who already love kirtan, as well as those who are yet to discover it.

At Mantra Yoga we enrich your experience through intriguing talks around the themes of meditation, ego and yoga psychology.